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The Wilderness

9 January 2022 - 27 February 2022

Finding God In Desolation January 9 - February 27 The question in the wilderness is not 'will you get through' but 'what will you be like when you do'? Will the wilderness of your life harden your heart or will it open you to something new and better? At the end of his journey, Moses slammed a rock in bitterness. And he learned there are only two outcomes to the challenges of life: you can age in bitterness, or you can grow in grace. The wilderness is where we make the choices that determine the outcome. Together we'll travel with Moses and the people of God through the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan towards the life-giving grace of God in Jesus Christ. Because we're all in the wilderness now.

Sermons: 8

Sermons in The Wilderness