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How We Live: At University Presbyterian Church, we want to live like Jesus, care for neighbors, and grow in community. 

Join us as we seek to…

Live Like Jesus


Jesus invites us into a relationship with him that changes our lives. His formation involves our minds, gaining knowledge of his way, our hearts as we prioritize loving God and loving others, and our lives as we live in a way that expresses the love and values of the Kingdom of God.  This is a way of life in which we learn, love, and live the way of Jesus.

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As we seek to follow Jesus, he is calling us to care more deeply for those in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and around the world. He is igniting our hearts to share God’s love and good news! Mission for neighbors asks us to go beyond our boundaries, to make disciples of Jesus, and share the good news of the Kingdom of God in thought, word, and deed.

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Care for Neighbors

Grow in Community

Like Family

As we live in community, like family, Christ brings healing to our hearts, home and city. We find unity in our diversity. We find belonging. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, called to practice radical hospitality and live as the kindred community of God.

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