Immerse Bible Reading Experience

Join University Presbyterian Church as We Read Through the Bible

What is Immerse?

The Immerse Reading Bible is a six-volume Bible using the New Living Translation. Immerse was created to increase readability and provide an engaging Bible reading experience. Immerse Discussion Groups meet weekly in groups of 6–8 people for a time of reflection, prayer, and discussion. Immerse will help you develop a rhythm of regular Bible reading. Throughout this study, participants typically spend about 15 minutes five days a week reading several pages from the Immerse Reading Bible.
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Sundays during Equipping Time | 9:45–10:30 am | in-person & online

Tuesday Evenings Online  | 7:00-8:00 pm

In-person, online, and kid-friendly groups are available!

Groups start September 10, 2023 and meet through January 28, 2024

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Why Immerse?

For many of us, the Bible seems dry to read, difficult to understand, and complex to apply.

But now more than ever, we need to immerse ourselves in God’s word to live as faithful people in a rapidly shifting culture.

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What will Discussion Groups be like?

Discussion groups will help us grow in our understanding of the Word of God for our lives today. You will have a 6–8-person table or Zoom breakout room hosted by a facilitator and will stay together over 11 weeks. Each group will begin with a welcome, a few reflections, a prayer, and often a short video overview of the reading. Then tables/breakouts will discuss their weekly reading using questions: What stood out to you this week? Was there anything confusing or troubling? Did anything make you think differently about God? And how might this change the way we live? These questions should feel more like a book club than typical Bible study questions and are meant to encourage reflection, dialogue, and application. This is less about an academic study of Scripture and more about curiosity towards God’s words to us.

What about my kids?

Immerse uses the New Living Translation at about a 6th-grade reading level. We recommend every reader in the family get their own Bible, or you may want to read out loud to younger kids. You can also use the family reading program: Poets-Family-Guide.pdf (—UPC will provide this guide. Another option is to listen to the audio version via the podcast. Families have had great success reading and discussing together. And we are excited about the opportunity for multiple families to discuss the Bible together.

We will have coloring and toys for young kids and space for kids to roam. Our goal is a kid and youth-friendly conversation with questions adapted for kids. Drop in when you can, and we will connect you to a table.

What if I get behind in my reading?

That’s OK; don’t give up. If you fall too far behind, skip ahead to where the group is reading so you can continue being involved in the group discussions. You can always go back and read what you’ve missed later.

Are other versions available?

An audio version is available via the Immerse Poets podcast.

What if I want to do this on my own with my own group?

We would strongly encourage you to discuss your reading with others. If you create a new group or connect with an existing group, let us know, and we will provide resources and support. You can also find a host guide here: Group Host Guide – Immerse ( And summary videos, audio readings, and daily reading plans here: Poets- Immerse (
Can I read my own Bible?

Always — but you will want the Immerse Reading Bible to participate in the discussion groups. Immerse will have a different layout than your Bible, and it will be difficult to follow the same reading rhythm. We recommend a Bible for every reader in the family.

How much time will this take?

The suggested reading is 5–6 pages, five days each week which is about 15 minutes each day. Reading 30–35 pages each week and covering the first five books of the Old Testament in 11 weeks. Part of the hope is to get us into the rhythm of regular Bible reading.