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Stewardship Conversation with Ken Sunoo
University Presbyterian Church |
11/23/2015 |
UPC Sermon Series | The Christmas Grinch | Advent 2015
University Presbyterian Church |
11/23/2015 |
The cynicism is understandable. Sometimes the candles we light don't outlast the season: hope, love, joy peace. The sentiment of the season is wonderful, but the sentimentality can be depressing. That's the Christmas that deserves to be stolen, but what then? When we strip away the glitter and tinsel, then what? Are we just left with hearts two sizes too small? Under the guidance of the ancient cynic we will ask the hard questions that unmask our seasonal frauds and point us to the meat of the feast in Jesus Christ. In the quiet of dawn there is singing to be heard. It starts in low; then it starts to grow.
11, 23, 15
UPC Sermon Series | Hero of Our Hope | Fall 2015
University Presbyterian Church |
11/03/2015 |
What is the Hope We Share in Jesus? What is our hope? It's that… beyond this beautiful but imperiled blue planet, there is one who can do for it what it could never do for itself. He's from far far beyond this world, but he's been watching. And now in modest disguise he has surreptitiously drawn near, entered, and become a part of the world in order to rescue and transform it. Jesus is our hope. He hasn't just said, "I'll pay the rent." He's said, "I'll rebuild this place and heal you in the process." In this series we talk about our hope. What is the hope we have to share as followers of Jesus and a community on mission at UPC? If we can see behind the mask, we will say in astonishment "My hero!" And eagerly invite others to join his cause.
Story of Hope: Gwen
University Presbyterian Church |
10/28/2015 |
UPC Sermon Series | Hope Against Hope | Early Fall 2015
University Presbyterian Church |
09/08/2015 |
Hope is taking action today on the basis of what God promises for tomorrow. It's easier to define than to embrace because when we look at the way things are today, our expectations for tomorrow are often low. Still, hope does not ignore realism. It struggles to support a great expectation: that the God who promised to bless all people will do just that. This is the hope that Abraham embraced. He set hope against Hope, one expectation against another, his against God's. That's why he's a model for us.
Side by Side 2015 Summer Camp Movie: A Royal Mishap
University Presbyterian Church |
08/09/2015 |
Over the course of the week, Side by Side volunteers and campers created an original movie.
2015 Camp Side-by-Side Highlights
University Presbyterian Church |
08/09/2015 |
UPC Sermon Series | Freedom in Christ | Summer 2015
University Presbyterian Church |
06/30/2015 |
Jesus is a freedom fighter. He gave his life to set us free, to set all of creation free. The victory is complete, but the struggle continues in our day and in our lives. In order to join Jesus in the liberation of creation, we need to take our own freedom seriously. Our neighbors need to see a freedom in us that they've never seen anywhere else—that is where they will truly see Jesus. The Holy Spirit is within you, waiting to bring it all to fruition.
We Are All on Mission Together, June 2015
University Presbyterian Church |
06/10/2015 |
UPC | Moments of Impact: 2015 Ministry with Internationals Mission Trip
University Presbyterian Church |
06/04/2015 |
Story of Hope: Caroline and Nancy
University Presbyterian Church |
05/20/2015 |
Founded in 2005, the University Presbyterian Church Gospel Choir sings praise to the glory of God throughout Seattle. Caroline and Nancy have been with the choir since the beginning. This is their story.
Story of Hope: Andy
University Presbyterian Church |
04/14/2015 |
This summer, kids will blaze trails with our great community of faith. Listen to Andy share his experience as a volunteer at UPC's Day Camp. Register and volunteer at