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New Pastor of Discipleship

  Dear UPC Family Member, I've got great news for you: Rev. Aaron Williams will join us as Pastor of Discipleship this January!  Pastor Aaron is already well-known and loved by many at UPC. He is the original instigator of many new Kindred relationships at Mount Zion Baptist Church and Evangelical Chinese Church. And he has great affection for you. more...

The Question of Ethnicity in the Book of Jonah

Is the book of Jonah truly about multi-ethnic relationships or are we reading a modern political agenda into the biblical text?

This is a good question. Although we can’t view any biblical text without seeing it through the lens of our own culture, careful bible study requires readers to reflect on a text in a way that allows it to challenge our lenses and our cultures (Acts 17:11 & 26:2–3). So, in its own terms what is the book of Jonah about?more...