We Mourn with Those Who Mourn



Last week’s shocking tragedy in Orlando breaks our hearts. It leads us into the frustration and grief that grows out of violence. It is another tragedy that shows that hate and brokenness in our world lead to treasured lives lost. Families and friends grieve, broken; the loved ones they hold so dear are gone. 

We often don’t know how to respond. But, as followers of Christ, we know to respond in love. We can pray. We can help as we have opportunity. I want to call all of us to pray for those who have lost so much in Orlando. I also want us to pray for our nation. We are people who have hope in Christ even when the worst happens. Let’s hold onto that hope and share it with those with whom we come into contact in love.

Lord, we are in shock and grief. The hate and violence in Orlando this week is so dark that it takes our breath away. We pray for the families and friends of those who died. Help them to know your hope and care even when the grief feels unbearable. Be with the injured as well. Heal them. Help them know your comfort and care. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community, who are especially grieved. Comfort us as we all count on your love and compassion in the face of this deep loss. In Christ who is our hope. AMEN.


Tim Snow
UPC Executive Pastor