2016 Missions Special Offering Moment


This video tells the story of Daimey who, at ten years old, was left to fend for herself on the streets of Seattle. Daimey’s incredible story is one of endurance and transformation. After many years of homelessness and journeys through the foster care system, she arrived at UPC’s Street Youth Ministries. There she met a staff member who took the time to listen to her story and engage her just where she was at. This experience helped Daimey encounter the love of Christ and realize it was just as much for her as it was for anyone else. Now she spends her days listening to the stories of homeless youth who are in the same place she was and engages them with the same grace that she once received.

Street Youth Ministries is just one of the many ways we at UPC are living for our city and our world. We support mission partners and missionaries around the city and across the globe who all share in a vision of sharing the hope of Christ to those in need. What I find incredible about these outreach efforts are that all of us engaging in them know that, just like Daimey, we are only able to share hope and love because it was once shared with us. Let’s face it, we might not all have been left in the streets to fend for ourselves but we have all found ourselves in hard places at one time or another. It is in those places of brokenness and need that we realize we need to experience a deep and profound grace that is beyond anything we can muster ourselves.

Our missions partners and missionaries take the grace they’ve experienced and share it with the people in need that they encounter. We currently have partners working across 28 countries doing ministry such as running teaching English to refugees, building wells in Haiti, and partnering with Ethiopian doctors to run HIV/Aids clinics in Africa. You can find out more about our local and global partners by visiting our web page. Who knows, you might just find the ministry that is right for you! All these efforts need your help to continue.

This past Sunday we celebrated Pentecost by taking an offering to support our mission efforts. You can still participate by clicking the button below. When you give you are making an immediate difference for those living in hard places in our world right now. When you give you are investing in people like Daimey. Thank you.