Who Is Jesus | Rev. Dr. Sasan Tavassoli

* A guest preacher spoke on Acts 1:6-8 in a sermon titled “Just Like the Book of Acts”. To continue the study on the Book of Hebrews, use the passages and questions below

Hebrews 11:32-39
November 12, 2017

Review:  Was there something new about faith that you learned last week?

Stewardship Emphasis for November:  Resurrection: Walk in God’s Power to Meet Your Needs. What are the stewardship implications of walking in God’s Power?

Introduction: “Do you love me?” It’s the question at the heart of life. Jesus asked it. For Jesus the story of our lives is the story of our loves. So what do we love most? And what is most worthy of our love? Those who first knew him and saw him risen from the dead became convinced that the answer must be: Jesus. They knew how much he loved them, and they loved him. Their lives and their world were transformed by that love. But how can we love him today? How can our hearts be awakened and reshaped by love for him? We begin by getting to know him. To know him is to love him. The New Testament epistle to the Hebrews has been called “the fifth gospel” because it presents rich images of Jesus not on earth but in his ongoing heavenly ministry. These images not only tell us what he does but – who he is. It’s good news that gives us great hope and rekindles our affections for so great a Savior.

This week we see that a better life is not an easier life but a bigger life.

Pray: LORD, Jesus, we pray that these lives of faith will encourage us tonight. Amen.

Read:  Hebrews 11:32-39


1   Which of those mentioned in verse 32 makes the greatest impression on you?  Why?

2.  What do verses 33-38 tell us about the life of faith?  Which ones can you relate to personally?  Why?

3.  What does it mean that “the world was not worthy of them”? Is this true of our world today?

4.  In verse 39, what had been promised but not received?

5.  What is the “something better” that God planned for us and all of those in chapter 11?

Application:  Go into the world this week as ambassadors with the gift of faith you have been given.

Pray:  Jesus, help us to remember the faith and lives of all the old testament saints and to know that we too have that same faith.  Amen

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