Who Is Jesus? | A Sabbath Rest | George Hinman

A Sabbath Rest

Hebrews 4:1-11
September 17, 2017

Review:  Was last week’s text helpful in seeing Jesus in a new light, as a pioneer?
What did this mean to you?

Introduction: “Do you love me?” It’s the question at the heart of life. Jesus asked it. For Jesus the story of our lives is the story of our loves. So what do we love most? And what is most worthy of our love? Those who first knew him and saw him risen from the dead became convinced that the answer must be: Jesus. They knew how much he loved them, and they loved him. Their lives and their world were transformed by that love. But how can we love him today? How can our hearts be awakened and reshaped by love for him? We begin by getting to know him. To know him is to love him. The New Testament epistle to the Hebrews has been called “the fifth gospel” because it presents rich images of Jesus not on earth but in his ongoing heavenly ministry. These images not only tell us what he does but – who he is. It’s good news that gives us great hope and rekindles our affections for so great a Savior.

This week we look at rest, both as a promise and perhaps as a warning.

Pray:  LORD Jesus, help us to learn about the letter to the Hebrews concept of rest.  Amen.

Read:  Hebrews 4:1-11


  1. Who did not previously enter his rest and why?

    How is it different for us?

  2. What does it mean that “God rested from all his work”?

    Is it different than what we think of as rest, or is it?
    How do you rest?

  3. What does the writer of Hebrews point to relative to entering God’s rest?

    What does it mean to “make every effort” to enter God’s rest?

  4. In the text, what do the words “a certain day” and “today” mean for us?

  5. Does Sabbath rest in this passage refer to a particular day set aside to rest or does it have a larger meaning to the writer of Hebrews?

    How does the concept of rest show God’s love for us?

  6. Read verse 12.  How is the Word of God living and active?

    Have you experienced being “penetrated” like a sword relative to the thoughts and attitudes of your heart?

Application:  Look at the patterns of your life. Are you experiencing the rest referred to in the text? How can you move in that direction?

Pray:  LORD Jesus, - the creator of Hebrews is interested in our lives – we are grateful for this reminder.  Amen

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