Two Virtues of Greatness | Earl Palmer

James 1:9-21 and Matthew 11:28-30

Review:  Discuss what you learned last week as you intentionally paid attention to ‘the sudden turn of joy’ in your life.

Introduction:  This week we again welcome Pastor Emeritus Earl Palmer. We explore two great virtues; humility and meekness.  James, the brother of Jesus, gives practical instruction about how to live as he writes about the diverse perspectives of humility and pride.  In the Matthew passage Jesus invites his followers into true rest.

Pray:  Lord, help us to understand humility and meekness as great virtues.  Give us a bold willingness to follow you.  Amen.

Read:  James 1:9-21 and Matthew 11:28-30


  1. How and why does James speak to those of poor circumstances?

    How and why does James speak to those who are rich?

  2. What is it about humility that makes it a great virtue to be developed in our lives?

  3. How does gratitude till the soil of our lives for humility? (James 1:17, 21)

  4. How does Jesus’ call to find rest/pause/space by coming to Him encourage your soul? (Matthew 11:28-30)

  5. Jesus describes himself, “   for I am gentle and humble in heart.” (Mt. 11:29) How do you describe yourself?

    How does your culture push you to describe yourself?

  6. Why is Jesus’ call freeing?

  7. What is surprising to you about describing humility and meekness as great virtues?

Application:  This week consider how you respond to the people and circumstances of your life. Look for opportunities to live these virtues.

Pray:  Lord, thank you that your Word invites us and provides clear instruction in how to live. Grant us your peace as we seek to follow your teachings.  Amen.


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