Strength to Suffer | Wisdom From the Depths | Tim Snow

Job 28:1-28

Review:  In what ways were you able to see how the book of Job relates to your own life?

Introduction:  The measure of your hope is the measure of its strength in suffering.
How do we respond in the face of anxiety, depression, grief, injustice, anger, and loss?
How do we develop the kind of strength that will allow us to bear up, persevere, be bold, and share hope with a hurting world?
Job knows. God gives us the book of Job not just to help us when we ask, "Why is there evil?" or "Why be good when the world is not?" Job is the story of a man who moves from innocence to deep wisdom, a wisdom that will hold him in the face of nauseating hurt. It's an invitation for us to find the same. Job points us to the Son of God who treads the path of pain with us every step of the way. Maybe true wisdom isn't knowing the answers but knowing the one who walks us through the questions.
This week we examine how Jesus mines wisdom in our grief.

Pray:  Thank you God that your word through James tells us that if we lack wisdom, we’re to ask you and you will give it to all, generously (James 1:5). And so we ask for wisdom as we examine your word from your servant Job.  Amen.

Read:  Job 28:1-28


  1. What do verses 1-11 teach us about the effort it takes to acquire precious metals and stone?

    Why is the search/acquisition so demanding?

  2. What do verses 13-22 tell us about wisdom?

  3. Where can wisdom be found?  Where is the place of understanding? (verse 12)

  4. Why does God understand wisdom, its way and its place?

  5. How does God define wisdom? (verse 28)

  6. What does “the fear of the LORD” mean?

    Why is departing from evil ‘understanding’?

  7. How do you sit with the fact that wisdom can come from deep pain and grief?

    What do we learn from this passage that protects us from despair?

Application:  This week spend time each day reading God’s word, asking and looking for wisdom.

Pray:  Lord, give us wisdom in the midst of our pain and grief.  Free us from despair.  Amen.


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