Strength to Suffer | The Prayer of Great Mercy | JJ Kissinger

Job 38:1-7, 40:6-12, 42:1-10

Review: What wisdom did you gain last week?

Introduction: The measure of your hope is the measure of its strength in suffering.
How do we respond in the face of anxiety, depression, grief, injustice, anger, and loss?
How do we develop the kind of strength that will allow us to bear up, persevere, be bold, and share hope with a hurting world?
Job knows. God gives us the book of Job not just to help us when we ask, "Why is there evil?" or "Why be good when the world is not?" Job is the story of a man who moves from innocence to deep wisdom, a wisdom that will hold him in the face of nauseating hurt. It's an invitation for us to find the same. Job points us to the Son of God who treads the path of pain with us every step of the way. Maybe true wisdom isn't knowing the answers but knowing the one who walks us through the questions.
This week we examine how the mercy of Jesus turns our angry complaints into humble worship.

PrayThank you God that you hear our pain and questions.  Help us to learn from your servant Job.  Amen.

Read28:1-28 Job 38:1-7, 40:6-12, 42:1-10


  1. God never condescends to us. He absorbs our questions, complaints, and hot emotions of anger. He knows exactly how to respond. What is God communicating when He turns the tables on Job by asking him elemental questions regarding the earth’s creation?

  2. When God speaks truth to Job how does Job’s perspective and attitude change?

  3. What is it about God’s mercy that turns our angry complaints into humble worship?

  4. Do you recall a time of humbling in your own journey with Jesus?  Share what happened.

  5. How do you re-orient your focus when self is at the center of your life rather than Jesus?

  6. How are God’s questions honoring to Job?

  7. There is great mercy when our trials and sufferings are translated into prayers for others.  What is the significance of Job praying for his friends at God’s direction?

  8. God honors Job in several ways in the epilogue. Twice God says Job has spoken truth about me whereas Job’s friends did not. How does this show God’s respect for our pain?

Application:  This week look for opportunities to speak truth about God to your friends.

Pray:  Lord, show us your mercy. Turn our self-righteous anger into humble worship.  Amen.


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