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Rest in our Work

Matthew 6:25-34
December 03, 2017

Review:  Which exhortations found in last week’s text did you pay attention to? 
How did you live into following it/them?

Introduction: “Peace!” the angel announces at the birth of the Holy Child. “Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace….”  So why so much stress in our lives? Maybe it’s not so much the work we are doing as much as the work behind our work. Maybe it’s not so much about what we are doing but why we are doing it. This Advent Jesus catches us trying to live at the speed of thought and slogging through unprecedented levels of anxiety, vitriol, and uncertainty. But he invites us to step aside and find his rest. “Come unto me, all you who are weary…”  Matthew 11:28

Jesus is the proof of our worth and the priority behind new possibilities.  This week we focus on how we do not need to be anxious. 

Pray: LORD, Jesus, help us understand that we do not need to worry. Amen.

Read:  Matthew 6:25-34


  1. Why does Jesus use examples from nature?

  2. How does the use of common examples communicate that this message is for everyone?

  3. Does a child with loving, capable parents worry about food, drink or clothing?

  4. If you are a child of a loving creator God, why do you worry about food, drink, or clothing?

  5. What is God’s kingdom?

    How do you seek God’s kingdom in/by your work?

  6. What is God’s righteousness?

    How do you seek God’s righteousness in/by your work?

  7. How does seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness keep you from worrying about tomorrow?

Application:  This week when you are tempted to worry, identify something God has provided for you and thank Him for it.

Pray:  Lord, thank you for your care.  Amen

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