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Rest in our Souls

Matthew 11:25-30
Christmas Eve, December 24, 2017

Review:  Describe your reasoning behind last week’s expenditures.

Introduction: “Peace!” the angel announces at the birth of the Holy Child. “Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace….”  So why so much stress in our lives? Maybe it’s not so much the work we are doing as much as the work behind our work. Maybe it’s not so much about what we are doing but why we are doing it. This Advent Jesus catches us trying to live at the speed of thought and slogging through unprecedented levels of anxiety, vitriol, and uncertainty. But he invites us to step aside and find his rest. “Come unto me, all you who are weary…”  Matthew 11:28

This week we focus on finding rest for our souls by following Jesus’ teaching.

Pray: LORD, Jesus, help us hear your word and understand how your teaching provides true rest for our souls.  Amen.

Read:  Matthew 11:25-30


  1. Jesus shows his partnership with God the Father as he offers prayers of gratitude for how God reveals the way of life to “little children,” the humble, the poor in Spirit.
    The High & Holy One choses to be close to the low & little ones not the high & mighty.
    How does Jesus’ coming as a vulnerable baby at Christmastime show consistency with God’s intentions?

  2. The key to divine revelation is Jesus.
    What does Jesus claim in terms of the exclusiveness of the Son as mediator?

  3. Jesus invites the tired out, overwhelmed, discouraged, overworked to Himself. He calls them into living life together, yoked in partnership with himself.
    Jesus yoke is his teaching (see Matthew 5-7: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount).
    How is there freedom in living this way?

    How do we “learn from me (Jesus)” (Matthew 11:29)?

  4. Dale Bruner writes, “Jesus realizes that the most restful gift he can give the tired is a new way to carry life, a fresh way to bear responsibilities…instead of offering escape, Jesus offers equipment.”
    How does following Jesus as his disciple develop a balance and a way of carrying life that will give more rest than the way we have been living?

  5. Do you agree with Chrysostom:
    “The yoke of not living Jesus’ hard way is harder living, really.”  Why or why not?

Application:  This week consider what it means to be ‘yoked’ with Jesus. Give thanks for His companionship. Listen to His teaching.  

Pray:  Help me learn to be your yoke-mate. Help me learn to pull the load by working beside you, watching how you do it.  Amen.

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