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Rest in our Relationships

Matthew 7:1-5
December 10, 2017

Review:  Last week when you were tempted to worry, what did you identify as something from God?  How were you able to thank Him for it?

Introduction: “Peace!” the angel announces at the birth of the Holy Child. “Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace….”  So why so much stress in our lives? Maybe it’s not so much the work we are doing as much as the work behind our work. Maybe it’s not so much about what we are doing but why we are doing it. This Advent Jesus catches us trying to live at the speed of thought and slogging through unprecedented levels of anxiety, vitriol, and uncertainty. But he invites us to step aside and find his rest. “Come unto me, all you who are weary…”  Matthew 11:28

This week we focus on how when the word we hear is Jesus, the words we’ll speak give life. 

Pray: LORD, Jesus, help us hear your word and speak life to those around us.  Amen.

Read:  Matthew 7:1-5


  1. The command, “do not judge,” is not a requirement to be blind in our relationships. It is a plea, or opportunity, to be generous.  What do you admire about God’s generosity that challenges you to reflect God’s character?

  2. Jesus teaches us not to be hypocrites through his parable about “foreign bodies” in people’s eyes. What distortions are created in our vision if we don’t first remove the log from our own eye?

  3. How does comparing ourselves to another lead to magnification of the flaws of others?

    What is the cure?

  4. How does comparing ourselves to another lead to magnification of the flaws within ourselves?

    What is the cure?

  5. How does first correcting ourselves help us to gently come alongside others?

  6. Jesus speaks of the need for discernment “to not give what’s holy to dogs.” (Matthew 7:6)
    How does this passage support the position that a Christian needs to have a critical mind but never a critical spirit?

Application:  This week rather than criticize, look for opportunities to give life to others. 

Pray:  Thank you for your words Jesus, that help sharpen our clarity of how to really see things. Help us to see those around us through your eyes.  Amen

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