Pressing On | Markers of Discipleship | George Hinman

Pressing On | Markers of Discipleship

Philippians 3:12-17

George Hinman

Review: Last week, how did God provide strength to face opposition that confronted you and your actions as you sought to be agents bringing God’s kingdom on earth?  

Introduction: You are in process. St. Paul himself was quick to admit: "I'm not there yet; I haven't quite got the hang of this following Jesus business" (loose paraphrase, Philippians 3:12-13). If it was true of Paul, it's true of us. And yet--just like Paul--you and I are called to press on. Jesus calls us all to himself, to follow him, to live with him, to live like him. This is the call to discipleship. A disciple is a learner, an apprentice who follows Jesus so that in their own lives they can do what he did in his. So what does it mean to take that process seriously, to be intentional as student of Jesus, eager to grow in hope? The elders at UPC have identified Five Markers of Discipleship to help us plot and measure our progress. A year from now what will people who know you say is different about you? We want to be more fully alive in Christ tomorrow than we are today. So press on, and get ready to ask.

We begin our series looking at Paul’s example of pressing on.  Consider what Jesus has done.  I want to make it my own because he has made me his own. 

Pray: Lord, teach us to press on.  Give us the boldness to live into the life you offer us.  Amen.

Read: Philippians 3:12-17


  1.  Paul admits he is not perfect (verse 12). 
    Where does his confidence come from to admit such vulnerability?
  2.  What does “pressing on” look like?
  3. What steels and motivates Paul to press on (persevere/grow)?

    What helps you continue growing in your faith in Jesus?
  4. Paul says, “But one thing I do....”  What lies behind Paul?

    Why is letting go of past things so important?
  5. How often do you do an attitude check of your own life?
  6. How does God reveal his truth to you if you think differently about anything (verse 15)?

Application:  This week consider what concrete steps you can take to grow in your faith.   

Pray: Lord, thank you that you make us your own.  Help us to follow you, to live with you, to live like you.  Amen.


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