Pentecost | Every Member a Minister | Ken Sunoo

Acts 2

Review:  Last week, George talked about time and waiting, and how waiting can make us doubt.  He said the opposite of doubt is trust – which is a relationship word.  Building trust takes time. In your relationship with God, how have you experienced the time it takes?

Introduction: This week, we celebrate Pentecost, a time 50 days after Passover (and the crucifixion), and also the time of the festival of weeks in the Jewish year.  This festival was a time of thanksgiving for the harvest.
Lord Jesus, may we be filled with your Spirit, responding freely and enthusiastically, whether that be out loud or in silence.   Amen.
Read: Acts 2

  1. In verses 1-12, the Holy Spirit makes a dramatic appearance and provokes responses of amazement as well as ridicule. From what you know of the Bible, and of your own experience, is it always this spectacular when the Spirit is working?  How have you seen the Spirit at work?


  1. For the Jews observing and responding to this, what significance is it that this occurred during the festival of weeks?  (See Deuteronomy 16:9-12.)

3.  If the Spirit appeared this way today, what would it be like?  Who would be there?  How would people respond?  How do you think you would respond?

  1. In verses 41-47, new believers were baptized, and began to live life together as a “first church.”  Where do you see this kind of sharing life together at UPC? How do you participate in life together with other believers?  What does that tell you about how God works in our lives?

Application:  This week, think about UPC’s description of “every member a minister.”  How are you a minister?  Are there  steps you want to  live more fully into that calling? 

Pray:  Lord, thank you for sending your Spirit to live in us and through us.  May we be bold to respond to you in love and to demonstrate your love for those around us.  Amen.


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