Love Anyway | Jer Swigart | July 24

Jer Swigart is a faith leader, social innovator, and the Co-Founding Director of a peacemaking training organization called The Global Immersion Project. He and his family live in Bend, Oregon.

Laurie invited us to expect to encounter the spirit of God in God’s word. How has God revealed Himself to you as you read the Bible this week? 

How have you incorporated the starter sentence, “You are beloved by God and He has chosen you.” into your thinking this week?

Pray:    Lord, Reveal yourself to us as we study your word.  Show us also where we should open up to others. Amen.

Read:  Luke 10:25-37


  1. Has there been a day in your life that you were able to keep perfectly the commandments in verse 27?  If not what do you base your hope on?  (See John 3:16, Romans 3:21-24 and Romans 8:28-30)

  2. The Lawyer tries to justify himself. (Verse 29)  How do you try to justify your choices?

  3. What different reactions do the priest, Levite and Samaritan have to the sight of the injured man?  How did the actions of the first two compare with what God had said about treating others? (See Micah 6:8)

  4. If a priest or Levite touched a dead body they would be unclean and unable to perform their duties.  What hard choices have you had to make between the opportunities God puts in your way and your previous commitments?

  5. The Samaritan gets help on his act of mercy form the Innkeeper.  Who can you join with to help others as God desires?

  Who is your neighbor?  What is God calling you to do to be more neighborly?

Pray:  Holy Father, You have made us to be your children.  Help us to see others as you see them.  Open our hearts to loving even those who seem unlovable with the same love with which you have loved us,  Amen.

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