Lent 2018: Mark's Good News

“The beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” (Mark 1:1)

In his very first sentence, Mark tells us he has "good news." In all likelihood, this sentence served as the title for his work and is the reason we call the biographies of Jesus 'gospels.' 'Gospel' means 'good news.' What does Mark mean by this intriguing phrase? He uses it more than any other gospel writer. By reflecting on the context each place Mark uses the phrase, we'll get to know Jesus better and see how it is that Mark's news about Jesus is shaping history and can shape the lives of those who believe it.

During the six weeks of Lent (February 14–April 1, 2018), UPC is committed to gathering in smaller groups on a weekly basis. We study the same material each week, engaging with questions and personal discussions that relate directly to the sermon from Sunday's corporate worship experience. This year, we'll look at the book of Mark together and dig into a greater understanding of the ways the good news of Jesus changes our world.

Here's the outline of the study:

Week 1: The Gospel and Repentance

Week 2: The Gospel and Authority

Week 3: The Gospel and Money

Week 4: The Gospel and the Nations

Week 5: The Gospel and Suffering

Week 6: The Gospel and Worship

The 2018 Study Guide is available as a printed booklet (ask your small group leader). Request a large print version, or check out the digital version over at the UPC app.

Learn more at upc.org/lent.