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The Problem of Justice

Psalm 73
January 21, 2018

Review:  As you considered Dr. Bruce Waltke’s definition of righteousness (disadvantaging yourself for the sake of others), what ways did you find to act righteously?  

Introduction: God is making things right in the world. The good news is not just that justice matters and that we are agents of justice. The good news is that God in Jesus Christ has done what we have proven we are unable to do without God: actually make justice happen. At the center of history God has put to death everything that is not right and brought to life everything that is. That is the good news. Our call is to move this good news to the center of our lives and let Jesus bring his justice to life in our covenant community that serves one another and our city.

This week we seek we look at how Jesus satisfies our deepest desires (and disrupts the cycle of envy and injustice).

Pray: LORD, Jesus, help us hear your word, be filled with your presence, and live free of envy.  Amen.

Read: Psalm 73


  1. Why are our eyes blinded and our vision distorted when we look at people/situations through our own lenses without God?

  2. How does envy and sin distort our ability to see clearly?

  3. The psalmist thought the wicked got away with their sin and succeeded in life until he went into the sanctuary of God. There he realized/remembered God will enact justice and the wicked will be held accountable.
    How does understanding justice in terms of temporal and eternal perspectives help us to a place of peace?

  4. Have you experienced self-abasement like the psalmist regarding your own flaws and sins?                Describe.
    Have you experienced freedom and forgiveness like the psalmist?              

  5. How does God’s presence give us strength and courage?

    How does putting God first help us make sense of life in a fallen, seemingly unjust, world?

Application:  This week when you find yourself being tempted to envy, take time to go “into the sanctuary of God” and reflect on the nature of God.

Pray:  LORD God, thank you that you are righteous. Thank you that you hold our right hand, your counsel guides us, and you walk with us. Amen.

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