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Liberating Community

Leviticus 25:8-12
January 28, 2018

Review:  What is it about envy discussed last week which tends to enslave us? 

Introduction: God is making things right in the world. The good news is not just that justice matters and that we are agents of justice. The good news is that God in Jesus Christ has done what we have proven we are unable to do without God: actually make justice happen. At the center of history God has put to death everything that is not right and brought to life everything that is. That is the good news. Our call is to move this good news to the center of our lives and let Jesus bring his justice to life in our covenant community that serves one another and our city.

This week we consider how Jesus sets us free and gathers a community who make freedom visible. Let us look at the importance of community for justice and freedom.

Pray: LORD, teach us through this text the liberating justice that you bring and the freedom that can be made visible in our community.  Amen.

Read: Leviticus 25: 8-12


  1. What was God’s purpose for his people in Jubilee as discussed in the text?

  2. How was the Jubilee year associated with justice?

  3. Consider the effect of the Jubilee year on community and personal life.

  4. Why do you think Jubilee was never actually implemented?

  5. Do we have anything comparable to the concept of Jubilee in our Christian heritage/theology?

  6. Discuss how our ability to enact “Jubilee” (to make freedom visible in our community) is dependent upon Jesus setting us free.

    Discuss why it is important for our community of Christ followers to make freedom visible.

Application:  This week think about how God provides you freedom.  Look for ways to express that freedom in your community.

Pray:  LORD, help us to understand your message of liberty as a part of justice.  Amen.

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