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Finding God in Justice

Isaiah 58:1-14
January 14, 2018

Introduction: God is making things right in the world. The good news is not just that justice matters and that we are agents of justice. The good news is that God in Jesus Christ has done what we have proven we are unable to do without God: actually make justice happen. At the center of history God has put to death everything that is not right and brought to life everything that is. That is the good news. Our call is to move this good news to the center of our lives and let Jesus bring his justice to life in our covenant community that serves one another and our city.

This week we seek to understand what God says our motivation to pursue justice ought to be. We pursue justice because of the nature of God: He IS absolute justice.

Pray: LORD, Jesus, help us hear your word and be emboldened to let your justice flow into our community.  Amen.

Read: Isaiah 58:1-14


  1. Verse 1 calls the prophet to “announce” the people’s rebellion, their sins. Certainly they are not wrong to seek God and delight to know His ways (verse 2).
    So, what is the problem?

  2. Today, what does it look like to oppress workers, tie bonds of injustice, tie yokes, or hold the oppressed captive?

  3. How can you “share your bread with the hungry,” “bring the homeless poor into your house,” “cover the naked” and “not hide yourself from your own kin”?

    How does a relationship with the living God provide the path and motivation for you to act justly?

  4. We are called to “practice righteousness” and “pursue justice.”  BUT these acts are a byproduct of being in a relationship with God, not a replacement for the relationship.
    What does a relationship with God look like (verse 10b & ff.)?

  5. What does it mean to “delight in the Lord” (verse 14)?

Application:  Dr. Bruce Waltke says “righteousness is disadvantaging yourself for the sake of others. Unrighteousness is the opposite.”  This week look for ways to act righteously.  

Pray:  LORD God, thank you that you care for me. Open my heart to let your love flow into my community.  Amen.

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