Justice | A Humble Walk | George Hinman

A Humble Walk

Micah 6:1-16
February 11, 2018

Review:  How was the hope expressed in last week’s text present in your daily life? Describe an example.  

Introduction: God is making things right in the world. The good news is not just that justice matters and that we are agents of justice. The good news is that God in Jesus Christ has done what we have proven we are unable to do without God: actually make justice happen. At the center of history God has put to death everything that is not right and brought to life everything that is. That is the good news. Our call is to move this good news to the center of our lives and let Jesus bring his justice to life in our covenant community that serves one another and our city.

Our experience of grace in need keeps us motivated to walk with endurance. This week we look at our need in view of the Lord’s case against His people.

Pray: LORD, we pray that we may understand the need for your mercy in our lives. Help us to understand how our experience of grace can keep us from being discouraged. Amen.

Read: Micah 6:1-16


  1. Review verses 1-5. What is the essence of the charge God brings against Israel?

    Is there anything comparable for us today?                  Explain.

    Why do you think God calls on the mountains and hills to be the jury?

  2. How does Micah respond?  (Review verse 8 in particular.) 

    What does this mean for you?

  3. What advice does God give Israel (and us) in the midst of his charge? 


  4. Verses 10-16 and the promises of calamity are discouraging. 
    How does the promise of Jesus and his grace help us to continue to live with endurance in faith? 


  5. How do these two truths work together?  1) of the promise of Jesus and his grace, and
    2) the Lord’s requirement to “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly.” (Micah 6:8)

Application:  Let the need you have for grace and the grace you have received fill your life this week. 

Pray:  LORD, as we end this study, let us be aware of your drive for justice and prepare us for Lent.  Amen.

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