Evergreen | Two Great Trees | Aaron Williams


Two Great Trees

Genesis 2:4-17

June 24, 2018

Aaron Williams

Introduction:  Genesis is the beginning of the story and the story of the beginning. God's new beginning. These first chapters of the Bible are the seed out of which the story of the whole Bible grows. But more importantly they invite us into a new space with God. A garden. Here we find a garden that helps us understand the chaos of life around us and even within us. Here we find a seed that brings the life of God into our lives today. And rivers that flow from the garden of God to water and renew the whole world in the name of the one who makes all things new again and again and again.
This week we look at pride.  Because Jesus gives his life on a tree, we surrender to love and freely choose good. 

Prayer:  Father, we love being together to study your Word and to listen to each other; thank you for your grace.  Amen.

Read: Genesis 2:4-17

Review:  Did “made in the image of God” change your view of the people you met this past week?


1.  What was different about the Garden God created from the rest of His creation?

2.  What are the Adam’s tasks in the garden?

How is it different than the tasks of chapter 3:17?

3.  What was the purpose of God’s command – “you must not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”? –

Why are we attracted to such knowledge?

4.  When you think of the tree of life – what occurs to you? 


5.  How is pride reflected in the Genesis account?

6. How is God’s love reflected in this text?

In the crucifixion?

Application: This week we remember the “two great trees” – one of opportunity to live, the other the risk of disobedience.

Pray:  Father, we are grateful for this part of the story of creation and our role in it.  Amen.

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