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The First Word

Genesis 1:1-25

June 10, 2018

George Hinman

Introduction:  No matter what you believe about the timeline of the creation of the universe, the opening chapter of Genesis provides information of which God wants us to be aware.  Genesis represents an account of creation based on a revelation or vision of origins to Moses, who was not present to witness the creation firsthand.  What God told and showed Moses reveals much about God’s character, intention, and active participation in the created order.  Rather than debating personally held theories of how the world came to be (remember you were also not present to see firsthand), you and your group are invited instead to focus on what God reveals concerning the Father’s power and orderliness, judgment and discernment in the picture Genesis gives us.  Along the way you might even catch glimpses of the Trinity and draw closer to the Son and the Spirit if you look closely.  We will also consider the opening to John’s gospel which also starts at the beginning of time to see how it gives additional texture to the account in Genesis.

Prayer: Father, reveal yourself to us through your word.  Grant us the grace to look beyond our desire to explain and fully comprehend the incomprehensible to show us how what you have made reveals your character and love.  Amen.

Read: Genesis 1:1-25 and John 1:1-18

Review:  Which praiseworthy things were you able to recall during the week?  What effects, if you noticed any, did recalling these things have on the other parts of your week?

  1. What similar imagery do you find in the Genesis and John passages?  How does John’s vision of creation enhance your perception of the beginning?
  2. In Romans 1:20 Paul claims that creation reveals God’s character and divine nature to all humanity, not just those who believe in God.  What has God revealed to you through what has been made?  What effects have you observed in others in their response to the natural world?
  3. What does John reveal about Jesus in these verses?
  4. Light is a common theme in both the Genesis and John accounts.  What is the power of light and what does light enable us to do?
  5. What part of your life do you consider ‘without form, shapeless and empty’?  How have you seen God at work in that emptiness?
  6. What have you created that you would label ‘good’? 

Application: This week look around outside at things great and small.  Ask yourself what the things you can see, smell, taste and touch are telling you about God and be prepared to give a report of your findings to your group next week.

Pray:  Father, we are your handiwork.  Help us reflect your glory to the world around us. Amen.

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