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Peace in the City

Genesis 4:10-26

July 29, 2018

Introduction:  In the opening chapters of Genesis we see the love of God expressed tangibly in God’s creative work.  Once human beings are created, we see God’s love expressed relationally - relational love being a core characteristic of the three persons within our triune God-Father, Son and Spirit.  In Chapter 4, we encounter the first born of Adam and Eve and the tragic consequences of envy and sin, as well as God’s continuing grace and the onset of community and culture.

Prayer: Lord, community life begins; we ask you to help in understanding the meaning of this text as we live in the midst of community and culture.

Read: Genesis 4:10-26

Review: Did you learn anything new about Cain and Abel and their relationship from the study last week?


1.  What was Cain’s fear?  and then how did God respond?

2.  Cain response: “He went away from the presence of the Lord.”  Has Cain learned anything from his acts and his interaction with the Lord?  If not, why not?

3.  God protected Cain with a mark from being harmed.  Why?

4.  From Cain, we have the start of cities, and from the sons of Lamech, we have animal husbandry, music (culture) and science (metallurgy), in addition to farming. Discuss how these developments help the community.

5.  How does Eve’s response to the birth of Seth differ from her response to the birth of Cain?

6.  Discuss verse 26 and its significance regarding humanity and its spiritual development. 

Application:  Pay attention this week to God’s world of great riches, the varieties of food, culture, science and the community that He gives us. 

Pray: Lord, we are grateful for your grace in how we live each day; Help us to grow outwardly in community as we mature inwardly and to leave vengeance in your hands.

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