Evergreen | Enmity in the Garden | Aaron Williams


Enmity in the Garden 

Genesis 3:8-24

July 15, 2018

Introduction:  In the opening chapters of Genesis we see the love of God expressed tangibly in God’s creative work.  Once human beings are created, we see God’s love expressed relationally - relational love being a core characteristic of the three persons within out triune God-Father, Son and Spirit.  In Chapter 3, the relationship between God and humanity faces a new threat, the crafty serpent Satan, and God responds with reconciliation and hope for humanity.

Prayer:  Lord God, as we study and discuss this great text from Genesis, help us to understand what you have for us today.

Read:  Genesis 3:8-24

Review:  What did you learn about truth and lies from last week?  Does this help with respect to your identity in Christ?


1.  Why did Adam and Eve hide from the Lord God?  Is this a common action when we sin as well?  Explain.

2.  Review the responses of Adam and Eve to God’s questions.  Which one was the more honest?

3.  What is God’s promise in the statement “He will crush your head” to Satan?

4.  What is Adam’s statement of faith in God and humanity’s future in this text?

5.  Discuss aspects of God’s grace and reconciliation both for Adam and Eve and for us in this text.

6.  What sacrifice did God prepare for Adam and Eve?

7.  Why was it necessary for God to banish Adam and Eve from the Garden?

Application:  Use your identity in Christ and the assurance of God’s reconciliation to live more fully this week.

Pray:  Father, we pray that we may know clearly your plan of reconciliation of all things as we live in our present world.

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