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Covenant Community

Genesis 2:18-25

July 01, 2018

George Hinman

Introduction:  Genesis is the beginning of the story and the story of the beginning. God's new beginning. These first chapters of the Bible are the seed out of which the story of the whole Bible grows. But more importantly they invite us into a new space with God. A garden. Here we find a garden that helps us understand the chaos of life around us and even within us. Here we find a seed that brings the life of God into our lives today. And rivers that flow from the garden of God to water and renew the whole world in the name of the one who makes all things new again and again and again.
This week we look at autonomy.  By becoming one flesh with us, Jesus restores us in marriage and in the church. 

Prayer:  Father, help us to understand the way you created us and how our relationships reflect your covenant love for your kingdom people. Amen.

Read: Genesis 2:18-25

Review:  Last week how did the opportunity to live as a reflection of God’s love enable you to love your neighbor?


1.  Describe the difference between Adam’s (man’s) relationship with “every beast of the field and every bird of the sky” and Adam’s relationship with Eve (woman).

2.  Why do you think God says, “a man shall leave his father and is mother, and be joined to his wife”?

3.  What does it mean to “become one flesh”?

Why is it significant?

4.  What is the meaning and significance of the description “the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed”? 

5.  How does the covenant of marriage reflect God’s covenant with us?

6.  How does God’s creation story show us that we are not designed to live in isolation but we are created for relationship?

How do our relationships with other Christians reflect God’s covenant?

Application: This week look for practical ways to express Gods love in the covenant community of UPC.

Pray:  Father, open our hearts to love others in our community with the same covenant commitment you have with us.  Amen.

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