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Brother’s Keeper


Genesis 4:1-10

July 22, 2018


Introduction:  In the opening chapters of Genesis we see the love of God expressed tangibly in God’s creative work.  Once human beings are created, we see God’s love expressed relationally - relational love being a core characteristic of the three persons within out triune God-Father, Son and Spirit.  In Chapter 4, we first encounter first born of Adam and Eve and the tragic consequences of envy and sin.

Prayer:  Lord, the relationship of Cain and Abel and the Lord God is important.  We ask that your Holy Spirit help us in our study and discussion

Read:  Genesis 4:1-10

Review:  How did the study last week help you to understand God’s creative grace for Adam and Eve and for us today?


1.  Discuss the hopeful confession of Eve as she gave birth to Cain and then his brother Abel.

2.  Cain was downcast and angry when his offering was “not looked upon with favor”.  What would have been a better response?  A response perhaps the Lord desired?

3.  Discuss the warning Cain received.  Is this true for us as well?

4.  What advice do the scriptures give relative to mastering sin? (see for example I Peter 5:8)

5.  Discuss Cain’s response to the Lord’s question about his brother.  Why did he avoid taking responsibility for his action and instead asked God a question?

6.  Do the consequences of our own evil acts cry out to the Lord?  How aware are we that it is by his own shed blood Jesus has claimed us for himself?


Application:  Be careful to acknowledge our own sin when confronted by the Holy Spirit speaking to us.

Pray:  Lord, we pray that we may hear the Lord speaking to us through the Holy Spirit as the Lord spoke to Cain.

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