Come Let Us Adore Him | Magi Bring Gifts

By Study Guide Writing Team | December 11th, 2016

Matthew 2:7-12; Isaiah 60:1-7, 17-18

Review:  Who did you tell of what you learned this week?  Have the signs of God’s presence in your life seemed too small?

Introduction:   The magi who followed the star to find the new king probably had access to the prophecy of Balaam in Numbers 24:17 possibly from the time of Judah’s exile in Babylon in the time of Daniel.  They probably would have gone directly to Bethlehem if they had had access to the prophecy in Micah 5:2 which was written after the people of God returned to Judah.

Pray:  Lord Jesus, lead us to you as we journey through the scripture which points to you as unfailingly as the star that led the magi.  Amen.

Read:  Matthew 2:7-12; Isaiah 60:1-7, 17-18

  1. What reason could Herod have for speaking privately to the Magi?

  2. What are Herod’s instructions to the Magi?

  3. How anxious do you think Herod is to see the new king?  Does the fact that Bethlehem is six miles from Jerusalem influence your answer?  (Also see Herod’s later response in Matthew 2:13-18)

  4. What is the Magi’s response to finding the child?  How do you respond when you find yourself in God’s presence?

  5. Read Isaiah 60:1-3, 15-19 with Revelation 21:1-4, 22-23  Where do you feel you are in darkness?  Have you brought this feeling of darkness before the Lord in prayer? 

  6. Read Isaiah 60:5-7.  What is God’s purpose in showering wealth on His people?

  7. How has God been generous to you?  To whom have you passed along God’s generosity?

Application:  What has God given you that you can bring to the kingdom of God?

Pray:  Lord help us use the gifts and blessings you have given us with wisdom and generosity so that you are glorified.  Amen.

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