Next Door

Who We Are

We are a family of communities joining Jesus to transform our lives and the lives of our neighbors at the University of Washington, in our neighborhoods, and all around the world. 


Next Door

UPC has always been a church with a vision to live out Christ’s love in the places where we live, study, work, and play. As the culture around us shifts, how do we engage with it? God is bringing the world to our doorstep and we have a unique opportunity to share the Gospel with people of all ages, generations, and ethnicities. Jesus is calling us Next Door.


Our Vision

Joining Jesus in his mission to reconcile all people.


Where Do We Begin? 

With Jesus. And prayer. And with honest reflection on our own experiences of: neighborhood, circles, and family.
Our spring series in 2019 focused on what it means to be a neighbor according to Jesus. When Jesus was asked, "who is my neighbor?" he answered with a story of two men who found themselves on the same road despite coming from very different backgrounds. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, the neighbor is the person right in front of us—the person we have to cross the street to avoid. We're called to love the people around us, whether that's the people where we live, work, study, or play. Who has God put in your life that needs the love of Jesus from a good neighbor like you? Click here to see examples of what different neighborhoods might look like. 


Gather by Neighborhood, October 27

On October 27 we'll have the opportunity to begin something truly exciting in the life of our church. We'll take the first steps toward gathering in circles of friends who are all called to the same neighborhood. 


WHY? Because following Jesus is best done in supportive Christian community. Thankfully, we're not called on this mission to our neighbors alone. Just as Jesus sent his disciples into the world in pairs, so to are we sent not as individuals, but as circles of friends. 


What’s my neighborhood? It’s either the community where I live, study, work, or play, or where Jesus is calling me to join him.


Who are some friends who could join me on mission in that neighborhood? What would it look like for our circle to start doing life together on mission with Jesus?


What would it mean for us to start living like family with the neighbors in that neighborhood? What tensions would it create? How would our lives have to change?


Next Door Vision Book

Still curious? Check out our Next Door Vision Book to learn more about UPC's new vision, mission, and core values.



Introductory Sermon Series

From Sunday, March 10–April 21

Check out this video to learn more about the Next Door series!

Next Door from University Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.


For Personal or Group Study

Find sermon links and a study guide for your personal or small group study time at the Resources page:

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