Join UPC and read through the New Testament with the Immerse Reading Bible. Discussion Groups begin September 26, 2021

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1. Sunday morning - In person, 9:45–10:30am, Geneva Hall
2. Sunday morning Family Immerse (bring your kids!), 9:45–10:30am, Larson Hall
3. Sunday morning Online, 9:45-10:30am
4. Sunday evening Online, 7–8pm 
5. Study Immerse with your existing small group (Email Sue P. to receive resources for your group)


 1. Register Online and select your preferred group format   Sign up here  
 2. Register In Person, Geneva Hall on Sunday, Sept. 5, 12, or 19, 9:45–10:30am


1. Purchase from UPC for $10
- Pay when you register online and pick up in person on Sunday, Sept, 5, 12, 19 or 26 in Geneva or Narthex
- Pay and pick up in person - cash or check preferred on Sunday, Sept. 5,12, 19 or 26 Geneva or Narthex
2. Books may also be purchased and sent to your home directly from Tyndale or Amazon
3. Kindle version available via eReader
4. Free Audio version available via podcast: ‎Immerse: Messiah – 16 Week Reading Plan on Apple Podcasts


Sunday, Sept. 12, 9:45 – 10:30am, Orientation: Overview of Immerse*, Geneva.  Watch here: Immerse - Introduction - Week 1 - YouTube
Sunday, Sept. 19, 9:45 – 10:30am, Orientation: Overview of the New Testament*, Geneva.  Watch here: Immerse - Week 2 - YouTube
Sunday, Sept. 26, Class begins!  Immerse Kick-off and Meet & Greet Your Table: Equipping Time in Geneva Hall and Larson Hall & 7-8pm online
Sunday, Oct. 3 – Sunday, Nov. 21st, Discussion groups: In Person (Geneva & Larson) and Online
Winter session dates: Sunday, Jan. 9 – Sunday, March 6, 2022

*Orientation sessions are optional.  A recording of orientation sessions will be provided for our online community.
** Winter session dates: Sunday, January 9 – March 6, 2022


Because God’s Word to us is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

Our statement of faith at UPC affirms that we believe that the Bible is the written revelation of God and always points through the Holy Spirit, to the living revelation of God in Christ. 2 Timothy 3:16–17 affirms that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work”. And yet, often the Bible can be dry to read, difficult to understand and complex to apply to our life. As we face some of the most complex questions of our lifetime and seek to live faithfully amid a rapidly shifting culture, now more than ever we need to immerse ourselves in God’s words to us that we might be formed, transformed, and equipped for faithfulness by Scripture. These are the words that centuries of followers of Jesus have turned to as they seek to live and learn the way of Jesus and it is our privilege to turn to these words together. 


To promote Bible reading and reflection, we will be using the Immerse Reading Bible and hosting weekly discussion groups during the Equipping Time on Sundays in between services, as well as Sunday evenings via Zoom. We will begin with Messiah, the New Testament, and will use the 16-week plan, reading about 30–35 pages each week. We will cover 8 weeks Sept. 26— Nov. 21 and 8 weeks Jan. 9 — Mar. 6. 

The Immerse Reading Bible is a six-volume Bible using the New Living Translation, created with the intention of increasing readability and improving the Bible reading experience. The books have been reordered based on age of writing and context. The chapters, verses and footnotes have been removed. In many ways, the words are laid out more similarly to their original format. To learn more: Immerse Bible — The Bible Reading Experience ( or watch this video:


I’ve Got some Questions…

What will the Discussion Groups be like?  The purpose of the discussion group is to grow in our understanding of the Word of God for our lives today. You will be placed in a 6–8-person table or Zoom break-out, hosted by a facilitator. Groups will stay the same over the 16 weeks. Each Sunday will begin with a group welcome, a few reflections, a prayer, and a short video overview of the reading. Then tables/breakouts will discuss their weekly reading using questions like: What stood out to you this week? Was there anything confusing or troubling? Did anything make you think differently about God? And how might this change the way we live? These questions should feel more like a book club than typical Bible study questions and are meant to encourage reflection, dialogue, and application. This is less about an academic study of Scripture and more about curiosity towards God’s words to us.

What about my kids? Immerse uses the New Living Translation which is at about a 6th grade reading level. We recommend a Bible for every reader in the family. You may want to read out loud to younger kids. You can also use the family reading program: Messiah-Family-Guide.pdf. UPC will provide this Family Reading Guide for you. Another option is to listen to the audio version via the podcast. Families have had great success reading and discussing together. And we are excited about the opportunity for multiple families to discuss the Bible together.

Tell me more about Family Immerse: Gathering in Larson, this is a place where your kids can wiggle around while you discuss the Bible with other families. We will have coloring and toys for young kids and space for kids to roam. Our goal is kid and youth friendly conversation, and questions will be adapted for kids. This will be a drop-in experience. Come when you can, and we will connect you to a table.

What if I get behind in my reading? That’s OK; don’t give up. If you fall too far behind, skip ahead to where the group is reading so you can continue being involved in the group discussions. You can always go back and read what you’ve missed later.

Are other versions available? Yes, A large print Immerse is available: Tyndale | Immerse: Messiah, Large Print. An audio version is available via the Immerse Messiah podcast: Messiah 16-Week Reading Plan — Immerse.

What if I want to do this on my own or with my own group? We would strongly encourage you to discuss your reading with others. If you create a new group or connect with an existing group, let us know and we will provide resources and support. You can also find a host guide here: Group Host Guide - Immerse ( And summary videos, audio readings and daily reading plans here: Messiah 16-Week Reading Plan.

Can I read my own Bible? Always — but you will want the Immerse Reading Bible to participate in the Discussion groups. Immerse will have a different layout than your Bible and it will be difficult to follow the same reading rhythm. We recommend a Bible for every reader in the family

How much time will this take? The suggested reading is 5–6 pages, 5 days each week which is about 15 minutes each day. Reading 30–35 pages each week and covering the New Testament in 16 weeks. Part of the hope is to get us into the rhythm of regular Bible reading.

What about…? Questions or concerns can be sent to Susanna H.