Congratulations on your engagement!

As you begin the process of planning your wedding, we know you have many choices to make. If you consider having your wedding at UPC, please note some of the details and links below.

At UPC, we hope to work with you to create a service that both honors our God and reflects the holiness of the covenant you are making with one another.

Two important ideas lie at the foundation of our vision of ministry for weddings held at University Presbyterian Church (UPC). First, and most importantly, we believe that a wedding is significant because it marks the beginning of a marriage. We do care about the details of your wedding, but our primary concern is with the health of your marriage. Second, we view a wedding as a service of worship on the occasion of your marriage. It is a service that is about thanking God and praying for His blessing over your marriage.

Weddings may be booked no more than twelve months in advance and are held only on Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Saturday evenings. Weddings taking place May through September are reserved for members, families of members, or regular attendees of UPC.

Many more details are included in the UPC Wedding Booklet.

To learn more about available wedding dates, or to book a wedding, contact us.

If you are looking for a pastor to officiate your wedding, please contact a pastor to invite him or her to participate directly. Pastors' contact information is in the back of the Wedding Booklet linked above.