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Small Group Facilitators

How to post your group on University Presbyterian Church's online group finder.

How to update your group listing
Includes instructions on how to...
  • revise your group description and attributes
  • open your group to new members
  • close your group to new members because it is full
  • mark your group as inactive (no longer meeting)
  • add or remove people from your group roster

Login to post or update your group listing
To request a facilitator password, contact 206.524.7301 x205 or smallgroups@upc.org


Five Purposes of Life-Changing Groups

Facilitator Toolkit
Great information on starting and growing a healthy, vibrant small group. 
Topics include:
  • Five Purposes of Life-Changing Groups
  • Small Group Agreements
  • Engaging the Whole Group
  • Listening, Facilitating, and Prayer
  • Healthy Small Groups/Tough Situations
  • Family Small Groups with Children
  • Small Group Life Cycle
  • Bringing Service into the Life of Your Small Group
  • Celebrate!

Small Group Agreement - For Groups That Have Been Meeting Awhile.

Renewing or establishing an agreement together as a group, can reinvigorate your group life and relationships, and inspire you to take new steps together in your journey with Christ. It also helps organize your group, gets everyone on the same page, helps resolve conflicting expectations, gives everyone a role in the group, and helps the group focus on its purpose.

This is a great thing to do in the fall, if your group takes a break in summer. Set aside a meeting to read through and complete this as a group.  Add your own ideas and change it to fit the group. Review it periodically together (annually, or as needed).

How to Renew (or Establish) Your Small Group Agreement

UPC Small Group Leader Newsletter

UPC Small Groups sends out a monthly newsletter to all of our small group facilitators with the latest small group tips, news and events. To join the mailing list or send us your ideas for the newsletter, email smallgroups@upc.org or call x205.

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