Embrace UW

Football, research, huge libraries, the Greek system, cherry blossoms in spring, and so much more (like sending 20 athletes to the London Olympics!)—whatever comes to mind when you think of the University of Washington, there's no denying it's a pretty significant neighbor to have next door.

Since University Presbyterian Church started, we've seen it as part of our mission to minister to students, faculty, and staff at UW. Our goal is to refresh that call, find new ways to celebrate and catalyze partnerships, help students, faculty, and staff integrate faith and scholarship, and connect them with mentors. Below are some of the ways you can embrace UW:

Ministries and Events

University Ministries
University Ministries is a place for college students in Seattle to discover real life in Jesus Christ. Best known for the Inn, a Tuesday night service for college students, UMin offers tons of opportunities get involved in small groups, missions, retreats, student leadership, and much more. Learn more.

Global Friends
The University of Washington invites students and scholars from all over the world to study on campus. The Ministry to Internationals welcomes these scholars into community at Global Friends on Friday evenings, serving dinner and offering discussion groups around different aspects of American culture. There is also a program for children. If you would like to get involved at Global Friends, contact Stew.

Embrace UW Big Group
Life in the academy poses unique opportunities and challenges for integrating faith and work.  This community of UPC members and friends who work and study at the University and in related fields meets regularly over food and fellowship to share stories of how our faith intersects with the pursuit of knowledge.


Opportunities to Serve Students

Lead a Student Small Group
Students involved at the Inn are also invited to join a Core Group—a small group of no more than eight students led by an adult mentor. We're looking for adult leaders who are willing to commit to a group for the school year.
Contact: Becca

Invite Internationals
Welcome an international scholar into your home for dinner or a seasonal outing. It's a great opportunity to share your culture and faith with someone living far from their home. Contact: Polly

UMin Hospitality Team
Would you be interested in preparing a meal for a group of Student Leaders for an evening? Or help prepare and serve a tasty treat before the Inn on a Tuesday night? We would love to have you!
Contact: Kelsey

Help Out at Global Friends
Join the team of volunteers that helps out at the Friday fellowship for international students. They need semi-regular cooks, folks to help out with the children's program, and also help in the office during the week. Contact Stew about the time commitments and requirements. Contact: Stew

University Prayer Team
We're looking for people who are excited to be associates with UMin. We would love for you to join us in praying for college students. We are going to have a place at the Inn for students to leave prayer requests and would love for you to help us pray for students' individual requests. Contact: Becca

Support a college student, whether through prayer, providing them with some home-cooked meals, or meeting with them regularly. We have a lot of out-of-state students who aren't able to go home often. You could be their home away from home, inviting them over weekly or monthly or making them a home-cooked meal. Let us know if this is something you're interested in!
Contact: Kelsey

Be a Mentor
The 5-0 (University Christian Housing) is in need of mentors for this upcoming school year. If you would like to be the support to a student facilitator leading a small group of five to six people, contact the UCH Coordinator.

Be a Host Family for a UMin Intern Next Year
Are you interested in opening your home to a post-college intern for the year? Consider it and let us know if you might be interested in hosting an intern this year, 2017–18. Contact: The Inn