Kindred | Lent 2017

Traditionally, Lent is a season of introspection, humility, and repentance. It's a time when we intentionally invite God to heal, transform and redeem the broken parts of our personal and corporate lives. Join us this Lent as we take this ancient posture and ask God to do a new thing in our city. In small groups and as a larger church family we will meet Jesus and we will meet new friends. Join us as we discover what it means to be the multi-ethnic family of God, both within UPC and in partnership with other Seattle churches.


This Week: In Preparation for Lent



What is Kindred?

Kindred: The Multi-Ethnic Family of God from University Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.


Join a Small Group

It’s simple! Click below to view and sign-up for one of the many Lent Small Groups available this year. If you have questions or need help finding a group, feel free to contact the small groups team via email. Small group representatives will also be available in person in Larson Hall, Sundays February 12-26, to answer any questions.


Lent Study Guide: Find it Here!

Download the Lent Study Guide here: 

Study Guide Videos:

KiNDRED: WEEK ONE | Go from University Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.


KiNDRED: WEEK SIX | Love from University Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.


Small Group Facilitators

If you have any questions about facilitating your small group contact

Small Group Facilitator Training Resources

Orientation Video:


Extra Facilitator Resources:

Lent Facilitator Logistics and FAQ

Conversation Guidelines

Lent Study Guide Introduction

Lent Facilitator Training Agenda


Stay Up-To-Date!

Check back often and stay tuned for all of the exciting opportunities the Kindred experience will bring this Lent!