Shasta Student Center

God planted us here—just steps from the University of Washington—to do what comes naturally: love university students.


University Ministries is about, for, and because of community. We have the opportunity to renovate the Shasta House (on the corner of 47th & 16th) to create a home—a place to even better welcome students and facilitate the life-changing community our ministry is built upon. Students will be spiritually fed and, let's be honest, a lot of pizza will be consumed.

Your Investment at Work

$1.4 Million: Expand and Renovate the Shasta House (corner of 47th & 16th)

+ New gathering place for 75+ people (Freshmen group, College Young Life, UMin Leadership)
+ Locating the UMin Center in the heart of the flight path of students on north campus
+ Outdoor space that welcomes the community
+ UMin offices (creating permanent offices for staff and interns)
+ Complete renovation of heating, plumbing, electrical
+ Third floor apartment for resident hosts
+ Add access stairwell