Missional Communities

UPC is composed of numerous kingdom communities that embrace a particular mission and then share life together in rhythms and practices that Shares Hope in and through the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Journey to the Tangible Kingdom

After his resurrection, Jesus "showed up" among his disciples and set before them this mission: "As the Father has sent me, I am now sending you" (John 20:21). The Father sent Jesus: mission accomplished. Jesus sends his church: mission in process. Jesus is sending us, his Church, into the world as an "incarnational community." What does that mean? It means living on mission together—engaging the lives of our neighbors in ways that make God’s Kingdom of love and  hope tangible. That's the adventure of following Jesus that we get to live. Becoming an incarnational community is the focus of this new five-episode online curriculum at your own pace, with your small group, big group, or on your own. Intrigued? Join in.

Take the Journey.  


Tangible Kingdom Villages 

TK Villages are incarnational communities—neighborhood-based or network-based communities (e.g. men's/women's networks, young adults, co-workers, etc.) that share kingdom life in specific rhythms and practices of becoming, belonging, and blessing that reach out to their "neighbors" with the hope of Jesus Christ.


The Incubator

A monthly "laboratory" for incarnational community practitioners to design missional "experiments," share stories, resources, encouragement, and to get some practical coaching. Meets the first Sunday of every month in Baker House.



Contact Polly Yorioka for more information on Missional Communities at UPC.