What is Kindred?

Kindred is an ongoing partnership of sister congregations, dedicated to building relationships amongst Christians of diverse ethnic backgrounds. The goal: to tangibly embody the multi-ethnic family of God in the city of Seattle. The vision: to be an ongoing, messy but beautiful, journey to bring Christ's healing to our city's divided and broken places.

The Kindred partnership consists of Mount Zion Baptist Church (MZBC), Evangelical Chinese Church (ECC), and University Presbyterian Church (UPC). We kicked off our Kindred initiative during Lent of 2016, with a series of co-sponsored events and a Lent small group study series (find those resources below). Currently, Kindred looks like regular prayer meetings, and organic relationship-building between the leaders, staff, lay leaders, and congregants of MZBC, ECC, and UPC. For upcoming Kindred events, take a look at our schedule below. 

Upcoming Kindred Events

Kindred Prayer Meeting 

Tuesday, January 16, 7:30–9pm, UPC

Let’s support our sister Kindred congregations and gather for what has always been a very special evening of prayer. Bring your small group and invite any big groups to which you are connected.


Access our Kindred resources from Lent 2016 below for your own small-group!

Lent 2016 Series Introductory Video

Kindred: The Multi-Ethnic Family of God from University Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.


Lent Study Guide: Find it Here!

Download the Lent Study Guide here: 

Study Guide Download


Small Group Facilitator Resources:

If you have any questions about facilitating your small group contact

Small Group Facilitator Training Resources

Orientation Video:


Extra Facilitator Resources:

Lent Facilitator Logistics and FAQ

Conversation Guidelines

Lent Study Guide Introduction

Lent Facilitator Training Agenda



Study Guide Videos:

FOR FULL SCREEN VIEWING: Click on the hyperlinked title (ex. KiNDRED: Week One | Go) underneath the video to visit the Vimeo host page and utilize full-screen capabilities.

KiNDRED: WEEK ONE | Go from University Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.