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Scholarship Fund

Families, we need your help to support all students wanting to attend retreats, fun events, and camps, no matter their financial situation. Join us in making sure every student has the chance to participate! If you would like to contribute; checks can be made out to UPC with "FLM Scholarships" in the memo line, or give online with PushPay, select giving type of "Other" and note "FLM Scholarships" in the memo box. Thanks!




Family Life Ministries Staff

Sarah Baldock, Family Connections Director
206.524.7301 x149

Stephanie Bolle, Executive Assistant
206.524.7301 x169

Randy Brothers, Family Life Ministries Director
206.524.7301 x180

Rita Buyco, Missions Ministry Coordinator
206.524.7301 x160

Scott Gronholz, High School Ministry Director
206.524.7301 x181

Sarah Kim, Elementary Ministry Coordinator 
206.524.7301 x177

Matthew Lauder, Middle School Intern
206.524.7301 x127

Macie Mooney, Middle School Intern
206.524.7301 x127

Bianca Quezada, Middle School Director
206.524.7301 x115

Debbie Symons, Early Childhood Ministry Coordinator
206.524.7301 x377

Katie Thomas, High School Intern
206.524.7301 x128