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Session: The Presbyterian Governing Body

Senior Pastor
George Hinman

Executive Pastor
Tim Snow

Richard Greiling

Clerk of Session
Jim Bernard

Session Elders

Elders are active members of the church who serve in government, leadership, and ministry. They are persons of faith, dedication, and good judgment, nominated and elected by the congregation. Elders serve on the church's governing body (called Session), take part in planning committees, assist in worship, serve communion, and help the pastors nurture, teach, and encourage the congregation.

Although elders are elected for a term of three years, once ordained, they are ordained for life, even if they transfer to another PC(USA) church. After their terms of office are finished, elders continue to play an important role in the life of the church by participating in various ministries.

Adult Discipleship and Community Elders
Elizabeth Garras, Congregational Life, 2018
Craig Downey, Congregational Life, 2018

Children & Family Ministries Elders
Andy James, 2016
Terry McNichols,  2016
Rolf Christensen, 2016
Tom Rodda, 2018
Linda Radach, 2016

Formation and Care Elders
Barbara Barnes, 2017
Gerry Philipsen, 2017

Operations Elders
Helen Hall, 2016
Phil Smith, 2016
Carl Pearson, 2017
Don Foster, 2018
Don Kenney, 2018
Won Chong Kim, 2018

Outreach Elders
Dave Scott, 2016
Colin Wilson, 2016
Michelle Sarju, 2017
Jeff Callender, 2018
Mary Ehrlich, Union Church, 2017
Ted Thwing, Union Church, 2018
Helen Andersen, Side-by-Side, 2017

University Ministries Elders
Diane Thoma, 2016
Sean Jackson, 2016
Ryan Albrecht,  2017
Rob Hobart,  2018

Worship Elders
Sandi Bishop, 2016
Tad Schuldt, 2017
Carol Toms, 2017
Lowell Hagan, 2018

Youth Mission and Ministry Elders
Nancy Cahill, 2017
Kevin Gasper, 2017
Scott Morgan, 2018

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Board of Deacons

A Deacon is someone who loves the Lord and acts upon that love with gifts of service through a variety of ministries, including visiting elderly members; serving Communion to home-bound members; delivering flowers to those who are ill or shut-in; bringing meals to families in need of encouragement; and partnering with urban ministries such as Mary’s Place and Operation Nightwatch to bring Christ’s love and care to others. Deacons and friends assist with the food barrels on the first Sunday of each month.

Some Deacons are part of the Deacon Fund Team, providing oversight for the Deacon Fund. Several times a year an offering is taken which goes toward the Deacon Fund. This fund allows us to help individuals within our church family and our community who have suffered a setback due to unemployment, medical crisis, or other personal trauma, are homeless, hungry, or underemployed.

Bonnie Sellen

Class of 2016
Laurel Ailie
Bev Allen
Marie Avis
Orleen Baugh
Don Belcher
Sheila Belcher
Karan Dawson
Connie Hokanson
Laura Johnston
Irvin MacQuarrie
John Mike
Susan Mike
Mary Scott
Bonnie Sellen
Kathy Sterner

Deacon Associates

Marcia Barr
Jeanie Bustard
Pamela Bryant
Ron Clinkenbeard
Corinne Hill
Donna Liebich
John Liebich
Sharon Linnane 

Cindy Marshall

Nancy Martin
Dick McPhaden
Dick Michelson
Karen Smith
Erica Suk
Midori Vance
Gerry Van der Pol
Erin Siebert

  Class of 2017
Janet Bakker
Krista Cook
Karen Sutherland
Louanna Watt

  Class of 2018

Buddy Gilbert

Sandy Gilbert

Jordan Griffith

Karen Johnson

Donna Knudsen

Corinda LeClair

Janice Noonan

Karen Pyle

Lan Remme

Becky Rodda

Rich Verver

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